Updates: Xcel

Regional 2 XCEL Rep: Dianne Palmer
USAG WA Rep: Jan Urfer

2015 Updates

2015-2016 Rules & Policies (New USAGym policy – no hardcopies will be available to the general membership.)

Xcel Errata Sept. 2015
Xcel Replacement Page Sept. 2015
Xcel Replacement pages Aug. 2015

National Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes, May, 20, 2015

Judging Sheets

XCEL Judging Sheets: Bars, Beam, Floor (DP 2014) updated in red, Oct. 5, 2014

XCEL Sheets for Digital Judging 2014-2015

Thanks to Dianne Palmer for the original sheets. These have been adapted for the iPad.

XCEL Bars for tablets- all levels
XCEL Beam for tablets – all levels
XCEL Floor for tablets – all levels

Warm Up Times Chart All Divisions (Tindall/Bjella)

Warm Up Chart – J. Doucette

1-15-2015 WA State Rep – Jan Urfer: UPDATE
Xcel questions and clarifications

1. Are judges required to flash start values for bronze and silver divisions?
Yes – start values must be flashed for all divisions.

2. Are Xcel gymnasts allowed to wear lycra bike shorts?
Yes – lycra shorts are allowed in Xcel competition.

3. Do the rules regarding underwear showing apply to Xcel competitors?
Yes – ALL underwear deductions in the JO Code (R&P p.16 #8 andJP Code p.5 #14) also apply to Xcel. Sports bras may not show regardless of color. Judges should give the appropriate warnings and apply the corresponding deductions if necessary.

(Do not be confused by Washington High School rules that make exceptions for certain colors of underwear.)
2014 Updates

9-30-2014 XCEL Floor – Order Matters

Aug. 6, 2014 Judging XCEL webinar – read more

5-15-14 USA Gymnastics XCEL Webinar -in PDF format
5-29-2014 Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes

5-20-14 Xcel Code of Points I-book is officially on sale from USA Gymnastics.

USA Gymnastics Xcel Webpage

Warm Up Times Chart All Divisions (with current R&P regulations) (Tindall/Bjella) updated 10-4-2014

XCEL Silver Vault revised April 2015