Washington State Judges

Patty Ames

Patty Ames

National, Tacoma
NAWGJ member since 1989
State Board member 2010-present, co-SJD 2016-2018

Patty started gymnastics, "to stay away from home". She began in the 6th grade in 1969 and continued through junior high and high school. After high school, she was married and started coaching. She started judging high school gymnastics in 1987 and joined NAWGJ in 1989. She coached for seven years at the high school level - three years at Lindbergh High in Renton, and four years at Kentridge in Kent. In her third year at Lindbergh, Patty led the team to the league championship. In her third year at Kentridge, the team was all-city champs and several gymnasts qualified to state. Patty became a National rated judge in 2001.


Nola Ayres

Nola Ayres

National, Bellingham
NAWGJ member since 1984
State Board member 2000-2012, SJD

Nola holda a BA, MA and Ph-D in Education. She is a retired teacher, department chairman and girls gymnastics coach at Sehome High School in Bellingham. Her teams hold the national record for the most state championships in any sport in the US with a record of 384-1 and a total of 22 state titles.
Nola has served WA judges in multiple ways, including:
1980-81 WIAA High School Assoc. President,
1982-86 Executive Board Member of Washington HS
1980-90 President of Washington HS Gymnastic Coaches Assoc.
1989-90 Executive Board Member Washington State Coaches Assoc.
1988-92 Executive Board Member National High School Coaches
2000-2012 NAWGJ WA State Judging Director.
2000-2017 WA State Committee
2000-2017 Clinician for USAG WA State Clinic
2000-2018 Clinician for several R2 High Tech and Super Camps
2000-2019 Clinician for WA club camps, clinics and workshops
2012-2017 USAG WA Educational Committee Rep

She has also received many accolades including:
1991 Inducted into Western Washington University Hall of Fame
2006 Inducted into USAG WA Hall of Fame and WIAA Hall of Fame
2004 Sehome Gymnastics Program was Inducted in the WIAA Hall of Fame as the first Team in all sports in the State of WA for the Hall of Fame
1999 WSGCA Gymnastics Coaches Hall of Fame
1986 National High School Coach of the Year
1985 National Federation Coach of the Year
1981 and 1985 Regional High School Coach of the Year
Optional Judge of the Year 2001, 2002, 2007

Judged Region 2 Championships and Western Nationals Championships multiple times.


Kristen Strid Bartlett

Level 10, Renton
NAWGJ member since 2010

Kristen began gymnastics at the age of 4 at Clovis Academy in Clovis, California (outside of Fresno). She started competing when she was 9 years old and worked her way to level 10. She also had the opportunity to be the only gymnast from Kingsburg High School to compete for her school against all other Clovis and Fresno high schools.
After graduation in 1999 she moved to Seattle to continue her gymnastics career at Seattle Pacific University while receiving an education in Biology. While at SPU, Kristen was a 3-time All-American on Bars and Beam, and Division II National Champion on Uneven Bars. Following her Senior year she was part of the coaching staff from 2003-2006, while continuing as a student to get her BS in Nursing.
Kristen works as an Emergency Room RN, is married, and is currently a resident of Renton.
She began judging in 2009 for the High School season to continue using her gymnastics knowledge and stay involved with the sport she loves.


Bell, Janine 1982

Janine Bell

National, Maple Valley
NAWGJ member since 1997

Janine began gymnastics at age 8, at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club. Her coach Dale Shirley also worked at Academy of Olympic Gymnastic (AOG) and asked her to participate in team tryouts. Two of her teammates included Corine Olsen and Linda Lutz from 1982-1984. They were all class I gymnasts. In ninth grade, she became an elite, then dropped back to Class I and competed from 1981-1986.
Janine competed at AAU Nationals in 1982 and USAIGC Nationals in 1984. In 1985, she placed 2nd in the senior division at Class 1 state, then went on to compete at Regionals, hosted by NWA at Issaquah High School. She won vault for her age division, placed 3rd on floor and took 7th All Around. She fell off beam twice, so did not make the National Team and settled for Westerns. (She ended up missing Nationals by .2.) When the compulsories changed in 1985, she decided to concentrate on optionals.
Janine states that she and her fellow gymnasts had great respect for Noelle Buell. "When we competed against her at Regionals and meets in Oregon - when she was at a meet, we never had a chance in the world to beat her on vault."
She received a full ride to Washington State University, but competed for WSU for only one year because the program was cut in 1987. She has a degree in Human Development, with a Minor in Early Childhood Education. She now works for the YWCA as their downtown Seattle director. Her daughter competed in gymnastics for Gym Express and in college for Sacramento State.


Sheri Bousquet

National, Husum


Buell, Noelle

Noelle Draggoo Buell

National, Tacoma
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board Member 1998-2002

Noelle started gymnastics at age 8 in Tigard, OR with Pacific Northwest Gymnastics Twisters with Wayne McClements as coach - his sister is Dale McClements Flansas Kephart. She started because her sister's friend was a competitive gymnast and she idolized her. She competed Class 3 through Class 1 and even tried elite for one year before she dropped back to Class 1. She was a class 1 for 7 years. Noelle was on the Region II National Team in 1985, competed at Nationals, and qualified for vault finals. She also qualified to Western Nationals twice, and to Regionals probably 6 times. Her best event was vault on which she competed a handspring double full. She competed a 2 1/2 at nationals, but did not land on her feet.
Noelle competed for Boise State from 1987-1991 where she was a 4 year letter winner.
She started judging at age 16, in 1985, and her mentors were June Houghton and Vad Woodside. She judged throughout high school and college, and in 2001 received her National rating. Noelle judged USAG Small College Nationals in 1997 in Seattle, MPSF in 2010, NCAA Regionals in 2012 in Utah, OSU in 2013, USAG College Nationals in 2013, Seattle in 2014, and USAG Regionals in 2014.


Carlson, Becky

Becky Carlson

Level 10, Redmond
NAWGJ member since 1997

Becky started gymnastics in the fourth grade at Yankton Gymnastics Academy in Yankton, South Dakota. She started as a class 4. After two years she switched to a gym in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was located 90 miles away, so she had to live away from home during summers. After five years there she moved gyms again and  attended All American Gymnastics Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Becky finished her career there as a level 8.
She started judging in 1998 while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At the first meet she judged, she was assigned to floor with Tom Koll! Becky has been judging in WA since 1999.


Carlson, Leslie

Leslie Carlson

National, Redmond
NAWGJ member since 2001

"My personal claim to fame in the actual performing of gymnastics skills is that I can do a terrific cartwheel. Beyond that my personal sport of my teen and early adult years was Volleyball (where I was briefly a member of the USVBA team) and softball."
Leslie's daughters, Christie (formally a level 9/10) and Erica (formally a level 8) were both gymnasts. "After spending over 17 years watching the numerous skills learned and performed by team members and other contestants I was hooked." When Christie moved on to college and a coaching position at Wings Gymnastics Center in Boise, Idaho, Leslie moved into the judging role, starting with high school, then adding club. "Just being part of this great sport has been very rewarding and I look forward to continuing with my gymnastics education."
Leslie was named the WOA Judge of the Year in 2010.


Rachel Casey

Level 8, Seattle


Elia Castleman

Level 5, Seattle


Laurie Chadwick

Level 10, Spokane
NAWGJ member since 2002

Crawford, Kathy
Crawford, Kathy gymnast high school

Kathy Pederson Crawford

National, Auburn
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board member 1997-2000, 2016-present

Kathy and Kelly Feuer both attended Sheldon High School in Eugene, Oregon, and their coach suggested getting involved in judging. Kathy competed in the junior high program, as well as in trampoline and horizontal bar (6 events for all-around, maximum score was 6.00/event). During high school, she also took classes at the National Academy two or three days a week. Her best event was bars. In her Junior year, she was 3rd in District and 6th at the Oregon State meet on bars. Her highest score during the season was an 8.50 which was pretty good for the times. Her coaches were Shirley Veeck and Cliff Magnuson who taught her to have a positive mental attitude.
Kathy began judging in high school (She used to judge the junior high meets for free.) She started judging high school right after graduation in 1977. While attending college at the University of Oregon, she continued to judge junior high and high school meets and took a course from Shirley Rhoads on USGF rules. She passed the test, but didn't know it until she was in Guadalajara, Mexico on a 6 month exchange program. She judged a few meets, then returned to Mexico until July 1984.
Kathy has been a rated judge since 1981 and rated a National since 2001. She coached at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Eugene at their summer camp through the year of 1987 when she took a teaching position in Winston, Oregon. She moved to Washington in the summer of 1989 along with her husband Miles and son Ian. Kathy also has a daughter Paige, who was a gymnast. She judged the MPSF Conference in 2012, the Mountain Rim Conference in 2014, and the Pac-12 Conference in 2015 in Salt Lake City.


Alisha Davelaar

Level 5, Marysville


Christy Sawhill Delphini

Level 10, Olympia
NAWGJ member since 2012
State Board member 2016-2018


Denny, Jenny

Judy Denny

Level 10, Everett
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board member 1994-2004, 2010-2012

As a high school student, Judy participated in tumbling in the Girls Athletic Association (GAA), a program in most high schools in the 1950's through 1970's. "We got a wooden beam and Swedish box - our first gymnastics equipment."
She went on to nursing school. (There were not many opportunities to participate in sports, and even colleges at that time had very limited womens sports.) "My contact with gymnastics started again when my daughter wanted to try it. I started to judge as my interest in the sport grew and I found sitting on the sidelines and being a parent was not enough."
Judy started judging in 1985, then became an elite judge in 1997. She judged NCAA Regionals in 2003, 2004, and 2008 and NCAA Nationals in 2003 and 2004. She judged the Pac-12 Championships in 2012. She judges high school, club and college. Judy was also a Trampoline and Tumbling Judge and USAG T&T Board from 2002-? and was the State Judging Director for T&T 2002-2006.


Kimberly Dodds

Level 8, Auburn
NAWGJ member since 2013


Tracy Duncan

National, Otis Orchards
NAWGJ member since 1996
State Board Member 2002-2004

Tracy began gymnastics in her local junior high school program. She enjoyed it so much her parents enrolled her in Bleeker's School of Gymnastics in Spokane. Tracy was a Class II and then Class I level gymnast in club while also competing in high school. She began coaching for Bleekers at the age of 14. Tracy received a scholarship to Spokane Community College. "I continued coaching, and this was the year I also began judging. It was part of our work study program at SCC." SCC won the NJCCA's that year, but then Tracy quit competing to get married and have children. She has coached in Washington, California, and Louisiana. The Duncans moved back to Washington in 1994, and Karen Renner convinced her to judge high school and then club. Karen and Tracy coached at University High School together.


Janet Durant

Level 10, Yakima
NAWGJ member since 2017


Jackie Fulton

Level 10, Spokane
NAWGJ member since 2017


Green, Denise

Denise Green

Brevet, Castle Rock
NAWGJ member since 1977
State Board member 2000-2018, Co-SJD 2012-2016 with Lee Bjella, Co-SJD 2016-2018 with Patty Ames
Region 2 RJD 2018-present

Denise is a Speech Language Pathologist and has had a very full gymnastics career.

1970's Class I gymnast in Oregon, club & high school
1974-76 Competed for Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR, with coach Varina French
1975 Began judging Women’s Gymnastics
1980-82 Oregon State USAG Chair
1980-84 Coached in Oregon high school and club programs in St. Helens
1985 Invited to Elite Judging Course
1993 Attained FIG Brevet Judges Rating
2003 & 2005 NAWGJ WA Judge of the Year
2013 Inducted into the USAGWA Hall of Fame


Hansen, Pier

Pier Hansen

National, Centralia
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board member 2012-2016

Pier began gymnastics at age 9, competing for Southern Washington Athletic Club in Centralia (which later moved to Chehalis), followed by clubs in Toledo and Longview. Pier notes that it was very tough trying to find a gymnastics club that was able to stay in business in such depressed areas. She also competed for Olympia Gymnastics Academy (OGA) in the early 1980's. She had a major injury in 1982, fracturing her back in multiple places, ending her competitive career at age 15.
Pier went on to coach at clubs in Centralia and Longview, as well as NASA gymnastics, which included taking several members of the team to St. Petersburg, Russia, to train at the Red Army Gym. They were able to watch the Goodwill Games, as well as participate in the closing ceremonies of the games.
Thanks to Pam Hilts who talked her into taking a judging test, she found another way to stay involved in the sport that she loves. Pier received her first judge's rating in 1986, and judged her first meet with Barb Graisy-Adams. After the first routine, Pier says she had very little written down on the paper. Barb told her not to worry about it, and to just keep trying. "That's what I've been doing ever since!"


Harper, Pam

Pamela Harper

Level 10, Benton City
NAWGJ member since 2007
State Board member 2014-2016

From 2007 – 2011, Pam was an optional coach at Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy in Richland.
She holds an M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Kentucky.
Pam was a Level 4-8 judge in Indiana from 1987-1992 and a coach for Madison Gymnastics World in Indiana, with Paul & Judy Kemp, from 1989-1992. From 1986-89 she coached for Simmonds’ Dance and Gymnastics Studio in Indiana. In 1986-87, she was an IHSAA (Indiana High School Athletic Association) Gymnastics Official. From 1982-85 she was a gymnast for Jeffersonville High School.
Former teammates included Maureen (Hall) Blair (Louisville Turners, early 1980s) and Wendy (Hussar) Garland (Turners National Team, early 1980s).


Hickey, Priscilla

Priscilla Hickey- 2018 Regional Judge of the Year

Priscilla was chosen for the 2018 NAWGJ Helping Hands Symposium Award because of her contributions to our organization, which have been many and greatly appreciated.  Congratulations Priscilla!

Brevet, Seattle
NAWGJ member since 1977
USGF / USAG member since 1978
State Board member 1994-2000, SJD 1994-95; Connecticut State Board member 2004-07

High School Gymnast: 1966-1969 Gymnast for Bellevue High School  – 3 Varsity Letters
UW gymnast in the early 1970's. Also coached at Bellevue High School. Lived in Connecticut and Colorado - Moved back to WA in 2014.

1971-1972 competed for the University of Washington, competed all around, 2 Varsity Letters
1972 Regional Championships @ Oregon State – 1st place team - 12th place all around, teammates: Laurel Anderson (Tindall) and Joyce Tanac (Schroeder)
1973 Began judging Women’s Gymnastics
1980 Attained Elite Judges Rating
1980-09 Publisher: “Hickey Notes – Index to the Code of Points”
1989 Judges Certification – Optional Judges Exams – Writer
1990 Seattle Goodwill Games, Seattle – Assistant Deputy Commissioner (Judges Draw)
1993 Attained FIG Brevet Judges Rating
1999-09 Publisher: Washington State High School Rule Book
2005-07 Connecticut State USAG – CPE Coordinator
2007 USAG – Connecticut State Volunteer of the Year Award
2009 USA Gymnastics WA Hall of Fame

Priscilla also coached for many years:
1973 Inglemoor HS Assistant Coach (Student Teacher) with Karen Patoile (Wisen)
1973 – 77 Gymnastics Inc. at SPU, WA 4 years program director, board member
1973 – 77 Canyon Park Jr. High, Bothell WA 4 years head gymnastics coach
1977 – 79 Tumwater Jr. High, Olympia WA 2 years head gymnastics coach
1998 – 00 Bellevue High School, Bellevue WA 2 years assistant & 1 year head coach
2000 Washington State H.S. Coach of the Year – WIAA

She has also held many positions of service:
WA State HS Assigner 1973 – 1980
WA State HS Technical Chair 1977 – 1980
WA State Test Administrator 1977 – 1995
NCAA Collegiate Assigner: (JAS) 2005 – 2007


Jayme Hostetter

Level 10, Tacoma


Dawn Kiss

National, Gig Harbor
NAWGJ member since 1994
State Board member 2012-14
NCAA Collegiate Assignor (JAS) 2018-present

Competed at Shields Gymnastics School in New Jersey. Competed at Franklin Township High School 1981-1984, and then at James Madison University, VA. 1984-1988. Coached rec classes and special needs kids. Became a judge in 1993 - talked into it by David Mackey! She is a Geriatric Physical Therapist. Dawn has judged numerous state and high school state meets. USAG/NAWGJ WA Compulsory Judge of the Year 2002. National Federation Judge of the Year for WA State (High School) 2002. Pac 10 2010; NCAA Reg 2010; MPSF Conference 2012. SEC 2013, NCAA Regionals 2013. Pac 12 Conference 2014.


Klyayn, Marina

Marina Klyayn

Level 10, Spokane
NAWGJ member since 2013

Info from Dynamic Gymnastics website: Born in Kaliningrad, Russia and started gymnastics at age 3. Marina competed in Russian Nationals and Junior Olympic Games in 2002.
Marina received a full-ride scholarship and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Sacramento State University. Freshman of the Year in Western Athletic Conference (2006); Student Athlete of the Year (2009).  Marina also led the CSUS Woman's Gymnastics Team to two conference championships and NCAA Regionals appearances.


Lacey Johnson Kuckleman

Level 5, Dupont

LaDow, Michelle
LaDow, Michelle gymnast

Michelle Pohl LaDow

Level 10, Kennewick
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board member 2004-10, NV State Board member 1990-2003

Gymnastics Plus 2003 - 2010: Head Team Coach and Program Director; Green Valley Athletic Club 11/1992-09/1994; International: Gymnastics Academy; 01/1991-10/1992; Merluzzi Flyers Gymnastics (now Las Vegas Flyers Gymnastics); 01/1987-1992 – Gymnastics Team Coach.
Nevada NAWGJ State Judging Director: 13 years 08/1993-05/31/03. Test Administrator for Nevada Judges Association.
Business Manager, Zion Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine 01/01-07/03. Business Manager, Green Valley Physical Therapy 07/98-12/00. Administrator, Las Vegas Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility 12/95-07/98. Business Manager, Rancho Physical Therapy 01/1987-04/1997

ATHLETE CAREER 1978-1982 Elite Competitor Michelle Pohl; Injury/boycott prevented Olympic team presentation; 1986 recipient of the Cache Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Citizen Award; 1984 Female Athlete of the Year; National Champion in 1980 and 1982; Received full ride four year gymnastics scholarship Utah State University (18 offers)



Kim Lansidel

Level 10, McKenna
NAWGJ member since 2011

Lofton, Chrystal

Chrystal Lofton

National, Benton City
NAWGJ member since 2006
State Board Member 2016-present

Chrystal's gymnastics career began as a parent. Her two daughters competed for many years, ans she started teaching summer camps and recreational classes, then eventually progressed to more advanced classes and competitive levels.

After working with another coach who was also a judge, she decided to try judging and has loved it ever since then.

Chrystal achieved her National rating in 2018.


Pam Swan Lovett

Level 10, Oak Harbor

Moved to East Coast and then to Colorado. Gymnast in Aurora, Illinois. Aurora Turners 1980-1989. Bud Marquette coached her at the Turner Camps. High School gymnast 2 years. College gymnastics at U. of Illinois 4 years and by the end of that four years had had four knee surgeries. Coached in Illinois and Florida before coming to WA in 2001. Began judging in 1994. Moved to RI in 2012 and back to WA in 2015.


Leah Mohtes-Chan

Level 10, Spokane
NAWGJ member since 2016


Stefanie Odenbrett

Level 5, Olympia
NAWGJ member 2013


Palmer, Dianne

Dianne Ritchie Palmer

National, Pullman
NAWGJ member since 1986
State Board Member 2012-2014
Region 2 Xcel Chair 2013-present

Dianne's gymnastics career started in high school in Minnesota.

She attended Bemidji State University and competed on their women's gymnastics team. She and Lee Renier Bjella were teammates!

After completing her degree in physical education, she began her coaching career as the Head Coach of Women's Gymnastics at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota from 1975-1979. During that time she also judged both club and high school gymnastics.

Dianne moved to Washington in 1979 to pursue her Master’s degree in Physical Education at Washington State University. There she was the Assistant Coach for Women's Gymnastics from 1979-1986, under Head Coach Al Sanders.

She then moved to Florida, where she coached at Sun Country Gymnastics in Gainesville from 1987-88 and judged from 1986-1988.

Upon moving back to the Northwest, she started Palouse Empire Gymnastics, Inc. in Moscow, Idaho, owning it from 1989-2006. The club started a Recreation Optional program (now Xcel) in 1998, and she was the head coach for that program until 2010.

After a brief hiatus from judging during her collegiate coaching at WSU, she began judging again and achieved her Elite, now National rating in 1997.

Dianne was honored as the Region 2 Judge of the Year in 2017.


Ratliff, Dean

Dean Ratliff

National, Bothell
NAWGJ member since 1988
State Board member 1989-94, 2016-present; SJD 1994-2000, 2018-present
NCAA Collegiate JAS Assignor 2013-2016
State High School Technical Director 2007-present

Coached at WGA 1990, Emerald City 1992-93, Ballard & Ingraham HS’s 1993-95. I earned, the now extinct elite rating in 1997 and it has since become called the national rating. Club judging experience includes all of our state meets including several times at Meet Referee over the years. I have also judged Region II Championships several times as well as Level 9 Western Nationals (1999 & 2007). I have been the state high school technical director since 1994 and the national high school technical director since 2007. I have judged or been Meet Referee at our State HS meet for 20 years and at HS Nationals for 12 years running (2012 count) (actually MR at all but 8 of these combined meets). I have had the opportunity to judge at the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame Meet on three occasions and was the Meet Director for USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals in 1996 and 1997 at Seattle Pacific University. Collegiately, I have had the opportunity to judge Pac-12 Championships (formerly Pac-10) 2000-02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 12, 13; WAC Conference 2009, Mountain Pacific Conference 2011, Western Independent Conference 1995, 1998. Mountain Rim Conference 2014. SEC Conference 2015 NCAA Regionals 1998, 2000-03, 2010-13, Penn State 2014; SC Regional at OK 2015. NCAA Nationals 2001, 2013, 2015 and USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals 2000, 05, 07, 08, 12. Was the USAG/NAWGJ Judge of the Year in 1994 and the National High School Federation Official of the Year in 2000.


Kailee Redmon

Level 5, Seattle


Reid, Laurie
Reid, Laurie motorcycle

Laurie Metzger Reid

Brevet, Yakima
NAWGJ member since 1976
State Board member 2002 - 2012
Former Regional JO Program Chair

Competed at Corvallis High School 1968-1970. Competed for Oregon State University 1970-1973 for coach Sylvia Moore. Qualified to Nationals on bars in 1973. In 1973 she moved to Los Altos, CA. and worked for Los Altos Twisters for two years, head coach beam and floor. Started judging in CA in 1974. In 1975 moved back to Corvallis to finish college, and continued judging with Arlene Crosman as a mentor. Coached a rec program at Linn-Benton CC. 1979 graduated with Phys. Ed. Degree, then moved to Bellevue and coached for Dale Shirley at AOG for a year. Moved to Yakima in 1981 and married Norm Reid. Coached all levels including elite 1983-'84. Yakima, WA. Laurie began judging in 1976 and in 1981 she earned her Elite rating and her Brevet in 1993. USGF WA State Director 1983-87. 1997 Region 2 JO Program Chair. USAG Washington Judge of the Year 1992, 2002, and Optional Judge of the Year 2006. 2005 Recipient of Dick Mulvihill Award. Co-author of 2005-2013 USAG Compulsory Routines. 2006 USAG Region 2 Judge of the Year. USAG WA. Hall of Fame 2007.
Gym Plus owner. Three children.


Ripple, Michelle

Michelle Ripple

National, Kent
NAWGJ member since 1999
State Board member 2014-present, State Assignor

Born and raised Leduc, Alberta. Gymnast in the Leduc Kanata Gym Club (1984-1989) after watching the '84 Olympics. Mary Lou Retton was her inspiration to get involved in competitive gymnastics. Before then, she had been involved recreationally. Michelle coached all level girls, and started judging in 1990 since there was a shortage of judges in the province. Moved to Washington in 1999 and back to Canada in 2005, then back here again. 2013 and 2014 USAG Regionals; 2014 Westerns. NCAA 2015 MPSF Conference, Anchorage, AK.


Celina Rivera

Level 5, Redmond


Katie Rochon

Level 8, Bremerton


Kristina Schramm

Level 5, Seattle


Sorenson, Stella

Stella Clarke Sorenson

Level 8, Kirkland
NAWGJ member since 1994

Started gymnastics in 1985 and Mary Lou Retton was her inspiration. Stella competed Class 4 for a few years and then high school as well. She got involved in judging because she wanted to stay active in the sport somehow and support its growing popularity. Gymnastics also inspired her to take dance classes as well. Her favorite gymnasts of all time have been Svetlana Boginskaya, Melissa Marlowe, Svetlana Khorkina and Daniela Silivas, the first three being because they were tall like her! Through her experience, Stella has learned that in order to succeed in this sport you MUST have the support of your parents, and that gymnastics is a great sport that can open doors for other activities. Judge since 1994, but only judged for one year and then came back in 2000.


Wendy St. Claire

National, Lake Forest Park
Moved to WA in 2014


Katy Fussner Tavog

National, Woodinville
NAWGJ member since 1995
State Board member 1999-2001, 2012-14

Started gymnastics at age five in suburban St. Louis. Competed Class II. Coached at Cascade Elite 1994-2004.


Katie Thieme

Level 9, Lacey


Tindall, Laurel
Laurel Tindall

Laurel Anderson Tindall

Brevet, Brier
NAWGJ member since 1979
State Board member 2014

Student of George Lewis, elite gymnast from 1969-1975. 1971 Pan Am Games trials. 1972 Final Olympic Trials. 1973 World Championship team trials. 1974 AAU National Team. UW gymnast 1972-1973. SPU gymnast 1974 -1975. AIAW National Vault champ 1973 and 1975. 10-time All-American. Seattle Pacific University coach from 1975-2019. SPU won 3 National Division II titles, 1986, 1992, and 1997. 15 national champions and 121 All-American athletes. 20 straight seasons of top 4 National finishes in team competition. Four time Collegiate Coach of the Year. Falcon Gymnastics Club Director and Head Coach from 1981 to present. 1972-1981 Gymnastics Inc. club coach. Coached at Jerry Penney's Christmas Camps in the 1970's. 1996-2016 Washington State USAG Board. USGF State Chairman from 1976-1983. USGF/USAG Region 2 Chairman 1983-1995. Brevet level Woman's judge having judged several USGF/USAG Regional and National meets. Inducted into 2004 USAG WA. Hall of Fame. Inducted into the Seattle Pacific University Hall of Fame 2005. Co-coach of the year in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, 2005. Married with two children.


Urfer, Jan

Jan Urfer

National , Port Angeles
NAWGJ member since 1994
State Board member 1994-96, 2000-04, 2008-10
USAGWA State Xcel Rep 2014-present

Learned to love gymnastics in P.E. classes. Attended CWU, and again, there was no gymnastics program so she took PE classes - called gymnastics apparatus. Jan was a music teacher in Port Angeles, and she took the Class III judging test in 1978. She then took over the local junior high program when the coach quit. She helped establish a recreational program with the YMCA, to fill a gap created when the district dropped the junior high school programs. Jan became a full time assistant and became head coach at the beginning of the 1989-90 season. She served on the High School WSGCA Board since 1988 and was President from 1990-94. Currently treasurer and rep for the Narrows League. 1998 NFICA Section 8 Coach of the Year for Special Sports and elected to the WIAA -WSGCA Hall of Fame in 2001. She judged during 1978-79 high school season, quit judging, then started again in 1993 or 94.


Deceased Judges

Donna Lucero WOA Judge of the Year 2008

*Donna Lucero- 2008 Judge of the Year

Level 10, Snohomish
Founding member of NAWGJ WA in 1974; SJD 1989-94

DONNA LUCERO, a great contributor to Washington gymnastics, passed away on Thursday, November 29th after a short battle with cancer.

Donna started judging high school in 1972 encouraged by friends Pat Hatmaker and Kay Canedy. She was a founding member of Washington NAWGJ and later went on to become the NAWGJ State Director from 1989 – 1994. She judged for over 30 years in Washington State and Region 2 achieving what was then an Elite rating.

Donna will best be remembered for the mentoring she provided to new judges and her strong advocacy for high school gymnastics programs in Washington. Donna worked with school districts and WIAA administration to promote the value of high school gymnastics and advocated for the sport to be expanded and treated similarly to football and basketball. Donna was always the first to welcome and encourage new judges often inviting them into her home to learn from her experience. She had the unique ability to judge and explain at the same time, all with an encouraging smile on her face. Through her efforts Washington gained many new judges who are still actively judging today.

In 2008 she was inducted into the USAG Washington Hall of Fame and was also honored as the Washington Officials Association (WOA) Judge of the Year. In 2010 she was the inducted into the WOA Hall of Fame and remains the only gymnastics official to receive this honor.

Donna will be greatly missed by family and friends in the gymnastics community.

West Seattle High School student. Started judging 1972, high school. Pat Hatmaker and Kay Canedy got her into club judging. 1977-1989  12 Year Executive Assistant to Washington State Judging Director. 1989-1994 Washington State Judging Director. 1984-1996 15 Year Region 2 Championships Judge. 1974-1998 25 Year Washington State Junior Olympic Championship Judge. 1979  Junior College National Championship Judge. Junior Olympic National Championship Judge - Level 10. 1978-2008 Mentor Judge for more than 30 years in Washington State. 1974  Founding member NAWGJ WA. Inducted into the USAG WA Hall of Fame 2008. WOA Judge of the Year 2008 and WOA Hall of Fame 2010.


Lee Renier Bjella
Bjella, Lee gymnast

Lee Renier Bjella

National, Everett
NAWGJ member since 1978
State Board member 1988-92, 2002-16; CO-SJD with Denise Green 2012-16;
NAWGJ WA Webmaster 2002-16

Gymnast 1967-1978. Judging since 1974. Coached from 1974 through 1982 in Minnesota and North Dakota, then periodically throughout the years in WA, including 1 year as assistant coach and 1 year as head coach at Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN.
Worked the summer of 1976 during college with her team at the National Summer Palaestrum in Michigan, and was taught how to tumble by 1940's National Tumbling Champ Joe Giallombardo. Bemidji State U (Bemidji, MN.) gymnast 1974-1977 coached by Kathy Reilly Healy. (Program started by Dr. Eric Hughes, and teammate of Diane Palmer.) Holds the record score on Unevens. University of North Dakota gymnast 1977-1978 (MVP) coached by Dale Anderson who had been a Turner gymnast in Minnesota. P.E. degree from Bemidji State University 1979. Asst. Coach BSU, 1978-79. Coached the Bemidji State University Team in 1980. Judged D3 College Nationals 1984. Moved to Washington State in 1985. Elite judge 1997. USAG WA Judge of the year 1990 along with Karen Wisen. USAG WA Compulsory judge of the year 2001. USAG WA Judge of the Year 2004. WIAA High School Technical Director 3 years (1991-1994). Judging Highlights: numerous WA State meets and Regionals; vault assistant at the 1990 Good Will Games, Seattle. NCAA Regional Meet 2002 W.VA.; 2004 OSU; 2006 LSU; 2007 Denver; 2009 Ohio; 2011 Denver; 2012 Raleigh NC; Alabama 2013; W Regional, Seattle 2014; SC Regional at OK 2015. 2012 NCAA National Championship, Duluth, GA. USAG College Nationals 2004 (TWU), 2007(SPU), 2009 (SCSU), 2010 (Denton, TX); Westerns 1999, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Pac 10's 2006 (OSU) 2008 (UW); Big 12 2009 (Iowa St.) MPSF 2010; WIAC 2010: Big 12 2011 MO; Pac Rim FX line judge 2012.
JAS (NAWGJ College) Judges assigner for Northwest region 2008-2011; Web Design Cert. from EvCC 2008; Webmaster for NAWGJWA from 2002-2016; NAWGJ Nettie Award 2009; Webmaster for USAGWA 2006-2014. NAWGJ historian and website 2014-2016.

Lee Bjella was chosen for the 2018 NAWGJ Green Flag recipient posthumously for her amazing technology talents.  Our Region 2 recipient is Devany Plentovich and the National recipient is Lee's dear friend Winnie Witten.  Devany and Winnie were honored at the NAWGJ Symposium banquet in July.


*Kay Canady (1944? -1986)

(Class 1,Former NAWGJ State Judging Director)
Kay was a wife, mother, teacher, judge and State Judging Director. She was born in Long Beach, California, went to the University of Oregon, moved to Seattle, married and had two children. Kay taught Physical Education at Lincoln High School in Seattle and then substitute taught for a number of years. She became a judge in 1970 and rose to the Elite level. She was SJD for 8 years. Her friends and colleagues remember Kay as a very giving and loving person with a great sense of humor, who adored the gymnasts and enjoyed helping all members of the gymnastics community. The devastating disease of breast cancer took Kay from us in 1986. The Washington State Judges Open was renamed in her honor shortly thereafter.

Hatmaker, Pat

*Pat Hatmaker (1941-1999)

Issaquah Retired from judging to coach
Taught at Issaquah H.S. Worked in the development of judging in girls gymnastics. Coached the girls team at Issaquah High for many years. Coach of the year in 1995. Inducted into the WIAA -WSGCA Gymnastics Coaches Hall of Fame in 1998. Inducted in the first USAG WA. Hall of Fame 2002.

Corine Frohm Olsen

Corine Frohm Olsen

Known as the "Smiley Judge"
National, Lake Stevens
NAWGJ member since 1999

She was a gymnast under Dale Shirley at AOG (Academy of Olympic Gymnastics); Newport High School gymnast 1985-1988. SPU gymnast 1988-1992 under Laurel Tindall. All American Bars in 1990 and 1991. MVP 1991. National Team Champions in 1992. Coached Newport High 1993-1995. 1st State Championship for Newport in 1994. Started judging in 1991. Married and the mother of four. USAG WA Compulsory Judge of the Year 2006 and 2007. Shortly before her death, she achieved a great goal of becoming a National rated judge.

video tribute


Wisen, Karen
Wisen, Karen young girl

*Karen Wisen (October 20, 1944 - April 28, 2014)

National, Redmond
State Board member 2004-2009

Karen started competing in the 7th grade on the Mercer Island tumbling team. She transferred to the UW after competing in Minnesota at Gustavus Adolphus on their very first gymnastics team. Karen became captain of the team which took 2nd at the first ever Collegiate Women's Invitations Gym Meet. (Southern Ill.) Started judging while still at UW. She went with George Lewis and his team to USGF Nationals. A judge didn't show up, so Jackie Kline Fie had Karen judge. The next year they sent her to the Pan Am Games and then the FIG course in Madrid! Coached at Ingelmoor High School from 1968 to 1976. Won King-Co every year and won 3 State Championships. Became Brevet judge in the early 1970's. Judged the 1984 Olympics. USGF/USAG Regional Technical Director 1971-1996. Karen was inducted into the WIAA -WSGCA Hall of Fame in 1998 and the USAG WA Hall of Fame in 2004. WA. State Judge of the Year 1991.

Judges Who Retired or Moved Away


Kadi Absolonson

Level 8, Spokane
NAWGJ member 2011-2013

Mia Alverez

Level 5, Seattle
NAWGJ member 2013

Kimmie Bacon

Level 9, Seattle
NAWGJ member since 2014

2019 Kimmie decided to take some time off for personal reasons.


Karen Barker

Level 10, Bothell

Competed Club 1983-1990 (Eastside Kips, Gymnastics East, Sportastiks, all in Bellevue.) Competed at Sammamish H.S. for Jerry Penney 1990-1994. Was Sehome High School Assistant Coach 1995-2000, Head coach 2000-2001- 2nd in state 4A. Coached at Bellingham Middle Schools 1996-2000, Leading Edge Gymnastics Academy North 1995-2001. Judged fro a short time starting in 1999.


Belinsky, Ellen
Belinsky, Ellen gymnast

Ellen Belinsky

Level 4/5, Seattle
NAWGJ member 2013-15

Started gymnastics at the age of 4. Competed Levels 5 through 8 at Airborne Gymnastics in Santa Clara, CA, winning several state titles. Competed on Saint Francis High School's Varsity Gymnastics Team. Began coaching at Gold Star Gymnastics in Mountain View, CA in 2005 and has been coaching ever since. Earned Bachelor of Science in Elementary and ESL Education from Boston University. Has also coached at Twisters Gymnastics, Inc. in Mountain View, CA and in Washington has coached at Eastside Gymnastics. Is happy to be judging as it keeps her in the gym! Ellen moved elsewhere.


Kelsey Cairns

Level 10, Pullman

Kelsey moved to New Mexico

Val Calvo

Level 5, Snohomish
NAWGJ member 2013-2015

Ben Carson

Level 5-8

12 years experience coaching girls competitive gymnastics at several Northwest Washington clubs including Leading Edge Gymnastics in Everett, the former Leading Edge North in Bellingham, Gym Star Sports Center in Ferndale and I now coach levels 4-8 at Eastside Gymnastics in Woodinville. Other coaching experience includes coaching mens artistic at Leading Edge North; cheer tumbling for the former Pacific Storm All-Stars and Fuzion Ignite All-Stars; and Trampoline & Tumbling in Nevada.

Pam Cays

Level 10, Longview
NAWGJ member since 2005

Pam began gymnastics at age 5 and competed for Clarks Capers under the direction of Myrna Clark. She began coaching when she was 15 years old through the local YMCA Coaching Certification program. After High School she pursued a career in Physical Therapy and coached gymnastics recreationally and also a competitive Boys Team in Southern California. Pam moved back home to Washington to raise her 3 children and pursue her professional career and left gymnastics behind. In 2000 she was asked to teach a tumbling class at the local dance studio and again experienced the gymnastic bug. "My husband and I opened Gymnastics 4 U in Kelso, WA in 2001. 2003 was our first competitive season with Levels 4, 5 and 6. This year (2004) we will be competing Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8." "Currently my goal in gymnastics is to bring attention to Group Gymnastics both the competitive side of Team Gym and the recreational side of Gym Fest."
2014 WOA Judge of the Year.


Clark, Myrna gymnast

Myrna Clark

"I owned and operated Clark's Capers Gymnastics Academy/Clarks Columbia for over 30 years in Longview, WA. Our Traveling USGF teams competed throughout Region 2, traveling through out WA. & OR. We also traveled to Hawaii to compete twice & Canada several times. I also coached the Kelso Jr. High School Gymnastics Team to win League Championship for several years in a row. I retired from Gymnastics and thought I was through with that part of my life. Then Kelso High School started a gymnastics team in 2002 so I jumped back in as Head Coach, and started Judging High school Meets. I enjoyed judging and became a NAWGJ Judge in 2005. Every summer for the last 9 years I have enjoyed spending time in Florence Oregon where I work at Coastal Fitness Center with their Recreational Gymnastic program, and choreograph routines for their yearly Spring Show held at the Florence Event Center. My husband & I celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2010. I still enjoy being a part of the Gymnastic world. My motto is: Dear to Dream & enjoy the Quest." Retired 2012.


Kori Crane

Level 10, Mount Vernon

She started gymnastics in recreation classes as a youngster in grade school and competed in high school for four years in Vermont. She coached high school for four years in Vermont and two years in Washington state. She judged in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire beginning in 1994 because they were so severely lacking judges for both high school and club in that area. Kori continued judging in Washington when she moved here in 1997. "I remember the first meet I went to judge, I was quite nervous and I was talking to my mom about it. As always, trying to help, my mom said, "Just remember, the girls are counting on you." So much for putting my mind at ease! However, it is always something I think about when I go into a meet." Kori moved back to the East coast in 2012.


Kristen Dollison

Level 5, Shoreline
NAWGJ Member since 2014


Eilers, Marge

*Marge Eilers

Level 9, Renton
NAWGJ member since 1979
State Board member 2010

Seattle native and graduated from Franklin High School. As a child in elementary school, she was a frustrated gymnast. She just didn¹t know gymnastics existed nor were there many facilities available to be a real gymnast. Her local "field house" in the Rainier Valley offered "acrobatics" as it was called. The hardest stunt they did, "was to do a dive forward roll over quivering children laying in a row on horse hair mats hoping they were able to achieve this difficult maneuver." She thinks 7-8 kids was her ultimate achievement. Her daughter, Kim, started gymnastics at Renton Gymnastics Unlimited in about 1975. Kim showed some talent and was quickly added to the team. Kim also took ballet at the British Dance Academy for about 3 years. Marge watched almost every class, which was a good background for judging. Marge took a judging class from Karen Patoile Wisen in about 1976 at Highline High School for about 5 weeks. Pat Hatmaker also was an instructor when Karen had to travel to far-a-way places for international meets. Actually judging a meet was not in the plans, only information. She was persuaded to judge a junior high meet with another parent. She was as scared as the students and "threw" all the scores. Of course, the scores were "right on". As is said, the rest is history. She still judges junior high meets. Marge assigned judges for high schools and junior high school meets for 11 years for the North Puget Sound, Kingco, Metro Leagues and 8 junior high leagues. She still assigned judges for 5 junior high leagues until retiring. Marge also coached the Nelsen Middle School team for about 8 years. She taught high school students to judge every spring for junior high meets hoping to keep a few in the ranks. "They usually go off to college and don’t return to judging." Marge judged some of the children of children she used to judge. USAG WA Compulsory Judge of the Year 2006. 2011 High School WA State Gymnastics Coaching Assoc Hall of Fame Inductee.


Eldridge, Mandy

Mandy Eldredge

Level 8, Auburn
NAWGJ member since 2013

Mandy retired from coaching in 2013 after 17 years and coached levels 4-9. Grew up in Federal Way Washington and always had a passion for gymnastics. She trained and coached at Gymnastics Unlimited under gym owner David Mackey. Attended Decatur High school and was apart of the gymnastics team all three years. One of her favorite memories was being a part of the 1995 gymnastics team that took 2nd at state right behind Newport high. 1998-2003 - head coach at Decatur high and experienced coaching HS state with her gymnasts as a team & individual event finals. Coaching and education has always been her passion. While reaching her dream of becoming a teacher she also continued to coach 2 competitive teams. Mandy followed them from level 4-9 - leading them to individual state champions and regional qualifiers. Judging has always been the next step after coaching and the sport will always be a part of her life.


Kelly Tarpenning Feuer


Kelly got into gymnastics because her older sister did it and it looked like a lot of fun. She was in junior high school when she started taking classes at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics run by the Mulvihills. Competed in high school and the team finished 2nd in the state meet her senior year. Named Most Inspirational gymnast her senior year. Started judging high school gymnastics in Oregon in 1977. Kathy Crawford and Kelly went to the same high school (Sheldon High School - Eugene, Oregon) and their coach suggested getting involved in judging. They started judging at the same time after graduation. Became a rated USGF judge in 1982, beginning with Class III rating. Class I rating in 1984. Elite in 1993 while living in Atlanta, Georgia (Region VIII). This was changed, of course, to 'National' rating in 2001. She has judged in three different regions while living on the West Coast (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, Seattle) and judged many Optional and Compulsory state meets. Judged NCAA collegiate regionals at LSU 2002, USAG National College Championships at UC Davis in 2001, Division 2 Regional Championships in 1999,2000,2001. Level 8 (region 8) 1993. Kelly worked at the 2004 Olympics in Greece for NBC. (Actually, this was Kelly's fourth Olympics! She worked alongside her husband Tom at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He was the producer of Track and Field for NBC's "Triplecast" coverage. Kelly worked as a spotter/statistician for the commentators. She worked the 1996 Atlanta Olympics also at the Track and Field venue as a field event spotter and tape logger on the regular NBC broadcast. In 2000, she worked for Quokka Sports, and internet sports company while at the Sydney Olympics. She did live written commentary of the Men's and Womens Artistic Gymnastics for the website. In Athens, she worked the Track and Field venue. Way to go Kelly!)

Graisy, Barbara

Barbara Graisy

National, Olympia
NAWGJ member since 1982
NAWGJ WA board (sometime in 1980’s) 2004- 2006

Barb started gymnastics at Lakeland High school in North Idaho in 1970. “We had club only and taught ourselves out of books to do such high level moves as walkovers, handsprings and back tucks! Even shoulder rolls on the old 2x4 on top of a bar support beam.” Her highlight was doing a beam routine in the Kootenai County Junior Miss Pageant. In 1978, Pat Guttormsen, a Brevet judge in southwest Washington, got her into judging. (Pat was USGF regional chair and Washington SJD. Pat was quite the character. She raced pigeons with her husband. Varina French started her in judging, and she coached a high school team and was a PE teacher.) Barb judged the Australian National Team Championships in 1993 while accompanying a US high school group on tour. Assisted at the Good Will games in Seattle in 1990. National Federation Judge of the Year for WA State (High School) 2001. Judged many High School State Meets and USAG State Meets. NCAA Regionals 2008. Retired in 2013.

Greso, Chris

Chris Greso

Level 10, Everett
NAWGJ member since 1985
State Board - early 1990's

Was gymnast at Sno-Co. Gymnastics Club in Everett 1974-’79 coached by Dan Hunter. Played clarinet Everett High, Eagle Club Bands; Pommel horse specialist at Everett High 1975-1978, Co captain senior year - 2nd in State on PH in 1978 ; Gymnastics coach 1979 - 1993; Coached at Reflections Gymnastics in Everett 1979-’81; Mount Lake Terrace Parks and Rec. in 1980; Franklin H.S. girls team Head Coach in 1983; Program Dir. Spokane Elite Gymnastics 1990 - 92; College assistant coach SPU '84-'88; (SPU was NCAA II Nati’l Champ in 1986.)

Ballroom dance competitor 1999 - 2010 (highest level: pre-championship standard, novice latin; Mens' gymnastics judge 1978 - 2013 (highest rating: Olympic level) Women's gymnastics judge 1979 - 2013 (highest rating: level 10)
Education: Graduated Everett High(Sea gulls) 1978; Everett Community College A.A.1981; SPU (Falcons) BS 1989; Eastern Wa. University BA 1994. Retired in 2013.


Megan Hamlin

Level 8, Lakewood
NAWGJ member 2013


Jessica Marshall Hart

NWA gymnast in 1980's and 90's, coached by Dan and Linda Young.  U of Arizona 1992-1996.  Was an all arounder freshman year and competed in the NCAA division 1 Finals (Super Six) as a team in 1993 in Corvalis, OR. Went on to compete as a vault specialist in 1996 in the NCAA team finals in Tuscaloosa Alabama where U of A placed 7th as a team. "I began judging with a level 9 rating while working in Scottsdale at Arizona Sunrays where I coached the devo kids and optional levels with Dan Witenstien and Lisa Zies in 1997-1998.  I then moved to Southern Ca and judged there from 1999-2000. I took a break and had a family and returned to judging in NorCal in 2006.  I immediately tested up to level ten and judged in NorCal from 2006-2009."  Judged numerous state meets in Nor Cal and now lives in Bellingham. Moved to Minnesota in 2012.

Ashley Helmold

Level 5, LaCenter
NAWGJ member 2013-2014

Jordan Hess

Level 9, Seattle
moved to Oregon in 2015

Teresa Hiebert

Level 9, Bellingham
State Board member 1996-2000

Competed for Bellingham High School 1970-1974. Teresa began coaching while still in high school for Bellingham Parks and Recreation on Saturdays. (15 years) She coached middle school and the Bellingham High School Team 1990-1994. In 1984, Teresa and her then husband started their own gymnastics club renting the Whatcom Middle School. Started judging in about 1985.

*Liz Johnson

First SJD for Washington; she was from Bothell and taught in Shoreline.

Valarie Karsch


Competed in High School in Southern OR. (Mid 80's).Coached team kids for 2 years right out of high school. Had knee surgery so she decided it was a good time to learn to Judge. "As I was coaching, I had many questions, but it was hard to get the specific answers I wanted. If I knew more, I would be a better, more confident coach." Moved to Vancouver in 1987, got a hold of Barb Graisy (Adams at the time) and started studying for the compulsory test with Vad Woodside. Had kids, tried to test whenever she could. Very involved in Middle and High school gymnastics since 1990. Head Coach at Prairie High School and assign for Middle School. Took a few years off of club judging.


Hollie Keller

Level 9, Pasco
NAWGJ member 2007-2013


Keira Lathrop

Level 5, Olympia
NAWGJ member 2013


Li Lu

NAWGJ member since 2005

Former Chinese Olympian - 1992 Gold on Bars and Silver on Beam. Coach in Washington State, and judge.


John Lydon

Level 4/5, Port Orchards
NAWGJ member 2013-15

Began coaching gymnastics in 1975 - retired 2003. Former member of US Elite Coaches Assoc. Former VP Nor-Cal Women's Gymnastics Assoc. Coached PAC 10 gymnast of the Year and Elite Gymnast, Karin Iyemura and many other college gymnasts. Coached USIAGC Region 1 Team Champs. Meet Director at many competitions including AIAW Collegiate National Championships, 1975; American Classics, 1980 and 1981; American Cup, 1983. Owner of Rainbow Gymnastics until 1989. Opened Cypress Gymnastics, Salinas, CA in 1993. Mentors: Jim Gault; Diablo Gymnastics, University of Arizona: Jim Turpin; Almaden Gymastics, Oregon State University: Patsy Wester; New York Ballet and Hidden Valley Dance, Carmel Valley, CA: Margaet Stoval; Kirov Ballet, Russia: Tom Tutko; Sports Psychologist, San Jose State U.


MacAfee, Barb
MacAfee, Barb gymnast

Barb MacAfee

National, Seattle
NAWGJ member since 1981
State Board member
State Assignor

"I was a college gymnast at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois 1970, 1971, 1972 - balance beam and floor exercise. Competed the floor exercise on the wood floor in the gym--back then if you did a back walkover you were something to see. My beam routine kind of looked like the level 4 routine - boy have things changed. I went on to teach and coach gymnastics at Rolling Meadows HS in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. I started judging in 1973-1974 after coaching HS for a year. They are in the same shape as we are today - still looking for judges. I can remember judging with Erna Wachtel. Erna gave me some really good advise - always judge what you see. JO meets back then used to be marathon meets lasting all day. It seems we've come back to that format. We moved to Seattle in 1978 and got back into the loop of judging after talking to Bob Ito at a UW meet. I remember myself as a squeaky wheel as a judge and Kay Canedy and Donna Lucero got me to join the NAWGJ board at that time and help with assigning. I had great teachers and the assigning has progressed exponentially since then. I received my National rating in 2001 (I missed the 1997 group because we moved to Spokane at that time). I have judged HS, club, and college meets since living in Washington. I’ve judged state, regional and college regional meets and hope to continue in the future." MPSF Conference meet 2014.


Tracy McKenzie

Level 10


Michelle Moore

Level 10, Marysville
NAWGJ member since 2005

Retired in 2013. Michelle was a former club gymnast who competed in Spokane, WA. She never lost her love of the sport and in 2004 decided get involved again by judging. Michelle is married and moved to Marysville, WA where she is currently the Branch Manager at Wells Fargo Bank.


Tricia Cusimano Moreno

Level 10, Pasco
NAWGJ member since 1999

Competed for Kennewick High School, 1990-1994. Coached rec classes at Mid-Columbia Gymnastics 1993-1996. Coached at Lilac City Gymnastics 1997-1999. Tricia was a cheerleader at Eastern WA. U. Asst. coach at Southridge High School. Judging since 1994. Tricia is a first grade teacher in Pasco and group fitness instructor at World Gym in Kennewick. Retired from judging 2015.


Theresa Peterson Murphy

Level 10, Spokane

Went to Lincoln Heights Gymnastics Club from 1976-1980's. Coached by Terry and Vicky Kelly. Theresa then went to Gymnastics Arts Center, also in Spokane, where she competed as a Class 1. Attended Shadle Park High School and was coached by Lyle Pugh, from 1976-1980. Went to Spokane CC, coached by Rick Harrison. (National Champs), then 2 years at Eastern Washington University where she was coached by Rusty Wellman, and asstistant coach Kathy Harrison.


Susan Okazaki

High School Judge

Kimberly Owens

Level 8, Edmonds
State Board member 2016-2019

2019 Kimberly moved to Arizona


Reed, Earla
Reed, Earla gymnast

Earla Reed

National, Gig Harbor
NAWGJ member since 1979
State Board

Gymnast at Marcus Whitman Jr. High, and South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard. Went to State in 1977 and 1978. Started judging in the fall of 1978. Coached at Bremerton YMCA, Lakewood YMCA, OGC in Bremerton and ran her own recreational gymnastics business called Sunny Gym Gymnastics in Port Orchard. Earla got her elite rating in 1997. MPSF 2010 and 2014.

The Washington State Gymnastics Coaches Association (High School) inducted Earla Reed into the Hall of Fame, Feb. 21, 2014 - only the second Washington official to be given this honor.


Renggli, Jann

Jann Renggli

Level 10, East Wenatchee
NAWGJ member since 2005

"I started gymnastics at the rec program at SPU. My family moved to Woodinville where I did gymnastics at a club. Went to King's High School in Seattle and did Cheerleading because they didnt have a gymnastics team. I have 5 children one whom competed gymastics for 10 years at SPORT Gymnastics in Wenatchee where I have been coaching since 2001. I became a judge in 2005 (something I had wanted to do since I first started gymnastics)" Retired in 2015.


Rhona Roberts

High School Judge, Seattle,

Former gymnast at Deer Park High School, coached by Sharon Johnston. Junior college Spokane CC (National Champs 1980-1981, 1981-1982 with Teresa Peterson Murphy, Karen Erickson Renner and Lisa Bollinger who was from Wenatchee and married Olympian Jim Hartung, living in Lincoln, Neb.) Coach Rick Harrison. Started judging 1981-1982. WSU 1984-'85 coached by Al Sanders (deceased). She has judged high school gymnastics in the Seattle area for many years.


Don Smith

Leve 4/5, Auburn
NAWGJ member 2010-2015


Amy Begins Spragg

Level 4/5, Vancouver
NAWGJ member since 2010


Jill Stoddart

Level 5, Redmond
NAWGJ member 2013-2015

Melody Swanson

Melody started gymnastics in 1984 at Spokane Elite Gymnastics. In 1988 she won the state championship on balance beam for Class III. She continued club gymnastics until 1991 competing through Level 8. Melody then competed four years of high school gymnastics at University High School. She was a varsity member of the team which won the Greater Spokane League championship three years in a row. After high school Melody coached a recreational gymnastics class at Washington State University. After college she returned to Spokane and began judging junior high and high school. Melody got her rating in 1998 and has been involved with both club and high school judging ever since.


Tindall, Kai
Tindall, Kai gymnast

Kai Tindall

Level 9, Brier
NAWGJ member since 2009

Kai has been involved in gymnastics all her life.  At first it started as day care since her mother (Laurel) is the SPU head coach, but once she was old enough she began competing.  After 13 years of competition, she has racked up 1 state title and 5 regional titles. In her senior year of high school, she got her judges rating as part of her 'Senior Project' to finally put her 13 years of competing and 3 years of coaching to good use. Kai was a part of the SPU gymnastics team. 2014 National co-champ FX at USAG Collegiate Nationals!


Mom-Daughter Article- Seattle Times, April, 2011


Allyson Wang

Level 5, Seattle
NAWGJ member 2010-2015

Janelle Whitmore

Level 6, Vancouver

Linda Wren

Level 5, Pasco
NAWGJ member 2013-2017



2007 Corine Olsen - Compulsory
2006 Corine Olsen & Marge Eilers - Compulsory
2005 Denise Green
2004 Lee Bjella
2003 Laurie Reid & Denise Green
2002 Nola Ayres - Optional & Dawn Kiss - Compulsory
2001 Nola Ayres - Optional & Lee Bjella - Compulsory
1994 Dean Ratliff
1993 Laurie Reid
1991 Karen Wisen & Lee Bjella