Xcel Clinic 10/19
Xcel Clinic 10/19
Xcel Clinic 10/19
Xcel Clinic 10/19

Xcel Information

Region 2 Xcel Chair - Dianne Palmer email

USAG WA Xcel Rep - Jan Urfer email

USAG Xcel Program Overview

Xcel Code of Points

Judging Aids



Angle of Repulsion (for non-salto vaults only) of “Up to 0.50” to the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Vault


Add a deduction of 0.30 for lack of release of the bar prior to landing, when indicated to the “Cast off to stand dismount” in the Bronze Additional Skills Chart.

Recommendation for Platinum Division to allow 7.309 Pike sole circle to handstand (no turn permitted) and 6.304 stalder backward to handstand (no turn permitted) to receive “B” Value-Part credit and receive Special Requirement credit.


Front walkover to bridge to back lying position is considered a variation of 7.101-“A” Value Part.

Bronze Division -Lever to Touch Beam requirements: No angle requirements. Body shape deductions may be applied. The back foot of the lever need not return to the beam in order to receive Value-Part credit.


During backward rolls for Bronze and Silver Divisions: Placing the hands on the floor next to the legs/buttocks will not receive a deduction. If, in addition to the hand placement, a rhythm error occurs, a deduction may be taken for the rhythm error.


Update from Jan Urfer 1/15/15

Xcel Questions & Clarifications

  • Are judges required to flash start values for bronze & silver divisions?
    • Yes. Start values must be flashed for all divisions.
  • Are Xcel gymnasts allowed to wear lycra bike shorts?
    • No. This was clarified at the Xcel meeting 5/16. It would result in an attire deduction.
  • Do the rules regarding visible underwear apply to Xcel gymnasts?
    • Yes. ALL underwear deductions apply to Xcel. Sports bras may not be showing, regardless of color. Apply appropriate warnings and deductions for incorrect attire.
    • Do not be confused by WA High School rules which make exceptions for underwear of specific colors.

Notes from Dianne Palmer

Reminder - use of an alternative spring board to GOLD VAULT results in a 9.5 start value.