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Mounting Devices-Same as JO:
The board, mounting block, or additional panel mats MAY be placed on an 8" mat for bar and beam mounts for bronze, silver and gold only.Any supplemental device (board, mount trainer mat, or panel mats) used for mounting that is placed on top of the 8" mat or on the regular matting must be removed immediately after the mount. This would also apply to Xcel as it is an R & P clarification.
Example of how this applies to Xcel bars:
If a gymnast is doing a pullover from a stand (without doing a glide first) then she can stand on the mounting device for the skill.
However, if a glide is performed before a pullover, the mounting device must be removed BEFORE the pullover is performed. The gymnast cannot return to the mounting device to perform the pullover regardless of whether she performs the pullover from a punch action or comes to a complete stop before the pullover.

If a gymnast mounts (board is removed) and does several elements then falls, can the board be put back in so she can remount without an improper equipment deduction? After clarification from Connie, Tom and Linda...the answer is yes. No deduction is taken.

Vault: Not the same as JO:
If clubs are using the alternative springboard option for bronze, silver, gold athletes please check the equipment specifications and be sure the device they are using meets the standards. This is found in the Womens' R & P under the Apparatus Specifications Section 1. H 1.b on p. 54. It is not in the Xcel Code in either the print or digital version. There is no deduction for using the alternative board for Bronze or Silver. Start value is 9.5 for Gold Division if alternative board is used. 

Balk Rules:  WTC May 2016

Compulsory (Levels 1-5) and Optional Vault (Levels 6-10) and all Xcel Divisions. If the athlete comes to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack), it is considered a void vault and will receive a zero. Recommendation to amend page 30, II.B.1. and II.B.2. of the JO Code of Points and page 22, IB. of the Xcel Code of Points: 1. A balk (a running approach that does not result in the athlete coming to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack)) is considered an attempt. 2. If the gymnast either stops mid-run, runs off the runway, or makes contact with the hand placement mat, safety zone mat, board, or vaulting table without coming to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack), it is considered a balk and counts as one of the three approaches to complete one or two vaults.

The tap swing 1/2 turn is an allowable dismount for Gold.



XCEL Judging Sheets: (D. Palmer Oct. 2017) Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault-Bronze, Silver 

XCEL Summary Forms: (Chris Bowles Dec 2017) Bars, Beam, Floor

Warm-up Chart/Routine Times


Jan. 2017


Jan. 2016

A question was raised recently about the status of the tap swing half turn dismount for the Gold Division. Please be assured that this has been thoroughly checked out and there has been NO CHANGE IN THE RULES and the dismount IS VALID for the Gold Division gymnasts.

Nov. 2015

Bars Gold: a reminder that Gold's do not get “A” for hips leaving the bar (new this year. The cast must be 45 below horizontal to get an “A” and Horizontal to get their SR.

Bars Platinum - 89 - 21 degrees “A”

Gold Vault - reminder that use of an alternate spring board results in a 9.5 SV


National Xcel Committee Meeting Minutes, May 2017

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WA State Rep Q&A

1-15-2015 WA State Rep - Jan Urfer: UPDATE
Xcel questions and clarifications

1. Are judges required to flash start values for bronze and silver divisions?
Yes - start values must be flashed for all divisions.
2. Are Xcel gymnasts allowed to wear lycra bike shorts?
No-Clarified at Xcel meeting 5/16
3. Do the rules regarding underwear showing apply to Xcel competitors?

Yes - ALL underwear deductions in the JO Code (R&P p.16 #8 andJP Code p.5 #14) also apply to Xcel. Sports bras may not show regardless of color. Judges should give the appropriate warnings and apply the corresponding deductions if necessary.

(Do not be confused by Washington High School rules that make exceptions for certain colors of underwear.)