Study and Judging Aids

Technical Materials-                              JO Code, Compulsory& Xcel Books, Flip-books

Super Study Aid-- -  quizzes/flashcards posted by Jeri Foley, LA judges, Sharon Doyle, GA judges, etc. Also an App is available. Sign up - they will send you a confirmation e-mail.  Type in gymnastics and then when the Gymnastics Study Sets comes up, click on "Classes".



When you drive to a meet -show the Meet Referee your mapquest miles on your phone or a printed copy for reimbursement. You may carpool if possible - The Gymjas (Links page) will help you see where people live and how to contact them. 

Everyone should have a Rules and Policies - download the Rules and Policies from the Links & Updates page. You will also need a voucher for most meets. These can be found on the Forms page. Oftentimes, for larger meets, the Meet Referee has a multiple-session voucher. The voucher is the means by which a judge is paid. Please keep your own records for tax purposes.