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USA Gym Optionals webpage

Vault Balk update: May 2016-The new balk definition made by the JO & TC: A balk is defined as a running approach that does not result in the athlete coming to rest or support on top of the table (or mat stack). If the gymnast either stops mid-run, runs off the runway, or makes contact with the hand placement mat, safety zone mat, board or vaulting apparatus (table or mat stack) without coming to rest or support on top of the vault apparatus, it is considered a BALK and counts as one of the three approaches to complete one or two vaults. • If the athlete comes to rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack), it is considered a VAULT and will receive a zero (VOID).

USA Gymnastics Optional Errata

Code of Points Errata (Dec. 2015)


USA Gymnastics Cheat Sheets
Appendix 7 - Level 9-10 Cheat Sheet(revised Sept. 2016)

Appendix 8 - Level 6-8 Cheat Sheet(revised Sept. 2016)

Composition Deductions- Connie Maloney - notes from USAG WA State Clinic 7-28-2013

2013 DVD from NAWGJ Region 2 (Without the 2014 change for the bars composition deduction
for turns - our script and sv from region 2 workshop - our best shot:} Unofficial - use as a study tool!)

Brenda Eberhardt's Level 10 Reference Cards (with key points highlighted - these are different than her Cheat Sheets) 7-1-2013

Tracy Duncan's ABC's of Deductions

Laurel Tindall's Deductions - Low to High

Debby Kornegay's DEM cards order form

Vault Judging Tools

Dean Ratliffs Vault Value Chart 2015-2016 includes all optional levels, NCAA and WA high school!

Brenda Eberhardts Level 10 Vault Chart (2013)


Symbol Sheet revised Sept 2016

Other "Stuff"

Named Moves On UB BB FX (This is for the true gymnastics addict...by Lee - updated Sept. 2015)

Videos of new moves in JO Code of Points:click here
(Thanks to Judy Hoeferlin NAWGJ)

Symbols - Basic Beginner

NAWGJ.org 2016 DVD's scores

NAWGJ.org 2014 DVD's scripts and scores

Interesting website: Films of elements in the FIG code of points -not USA Gymnastics- www.codeofpoints.com


Priscilla Hickey's webpage

Practice Tests

Digital Judging forms on Digital page

Self Reflection - Are you a Bully or Being Bullied?

Meet Referee duties (read official info in Code of Points pages 3-4 and R&P pg. 38)

Practice videos on Youtube from Myra Elfenbein