Level 10 Vault Values-July 2018

Level 9 Vault Values-July 2018

Level 6-8 Vault Values-Sept. 2018


Warm-up Rules:  WTC May 2017

For timed warm-up on vault, the time will begin when the gymnast stands on the table to do a skill/jump off the table. If the gymnast does not do a skill/jump off the table, the time will begin when the gymnast begins running toward the table and touches the spring board. Warm-up drills i.e. “Handstand hops” and a “run by’ without touching the board is NOT included in the warm-up time and will be allowed as long as performing these drills does not delay the competition. Excessive delay of “warm-up drills” when the timer is ready could result in a deduction.

Balk Rules:  WTC May 2016

Compulsory (Levels 1-5) and Optional Vault (Levels 6-10). If the athlete comes to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack), it is considered a void vault and will receive a zero. Recommendation to amend page 30, II.B.1. and II.B.2. of the JO Code of Points: 1. A balk (a running approach that does not result in the athlete coming to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack)) is considered an attempt. 2. If the gymnast either stops mid-run, runs off the runway, or makes contact with the hand placement mat, safety zone mat, board, or vaulting table without coming to a rest or support on top of the vault apparatus (table or mat stack), it is considered a balk and counts as one of the three approaches to complete one or two vaults.


Beam Symbols-Sept-2018

Beam Warmup Chart and Routine Warning and Time Chart(Bjella/Tindall)

Leaps and Jumps with Symbols (Tindall 6-29-13)

Beam "A" Mounts With images-revised 2015)

Beam "A" Mounts (Priscilla style - revised 2014)

Kicks above 45- WTC May 2017

Clarification: A kick above 45˚ will break a connection of two acro elements on Beam, such as cartwheel, as stated in the Women’s JO Code of Points. When evaluating the continuity of a dance connection or a mixed connection of dance to acro, the height of the free leg at the finish of the first element (such as a cat leap or hitch-kick) will not be the sole cause for breaking the dance or mixed series; however, if the free leg position drops and lifts again or if the trunk stops forward movement, the series would be considered broken.


Floor Exercise Symbols-Sept 2018

Warm-up:  WTC May 2017

Recommendation regarding warming up between routines: For Compulsory Levels 1-5, in a modified nontraditional format, athletes may warm-up between floor routines as a group, corresponding with the squad numbers dictated by the Women’s Rules and Policies. The group is not limited to six athletes, as required by Levels 6-10. If the coach feels not enough warm-up time has been given, he/she may ask the Chief Judge for a reasonable amount of additional time. 

Recommendation to amend page 104 A.2.e. 3) b) of the Women’s Rules and Policies: b) A gymnast is allowed to start warming up when there are only six more competitors ahead of her. c) Example with 8 gymnasts per squad: When the first squad in Flight A warms up on Floor, the first six athletes will warm-up together (6 x 2 minutes = 12 min.). Once competition begins, the 7th athlete will warm-up while judges evaluate #1 gymnast; after each subsequent routine, another athlete will be added to warm-up. Reminder: When using this option, the Meet Director must assign an adult monitor to regulate the number of athletes warming up at any one point in time and to keep track of the competitive order. It is not a responsibility of the judges.


Named Moves On UB BB FX (This is for the true gymnastics addict...by Lee - updated Sept. 2015)

Videos of new moves in JO Code of Points:click here
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