Other forms for college are available on the NAWGJ National Web Site. These are all unofficial. Please thank the authors for their free judging helps....

NCAA Cheat Sheet

Patty Vitali's 2016 NCAA judging sheets

Pricilla's NCAA Cheat Sheets and Score Sheets zip file 2017


Pricilla's NCAA Score Sheets - revised 11-18-15

Lee's simple college judging sheets

Janette Doucette's NCAA Cheat Sheets for 2016

TABLET JUDGING (Please send in any forms that you find useful EMAIL)

College Bars for Tablets (L Bjella)

College Beam for Tablets (L Bjella)

College Floor for Tablets (L Bjella)

College Bars for Tablets 1 gymnast per page (LB)

College Beam for Tablets 1 gymnast per page (LB)

College Floor for Tablets 1 gymnast per page (LB)


Remember - you are responsible to check any form you use for accuracy....please let me know if you find errors. EMAIL

 NCAA Bars for iPad - Winnie Witten 2015

 NCAA Beam for iPad - Winnie Witten 2015

 NCAA Floor for iPad - Winnie Witten 2015


Super Study Aid-- - quizzes/flashcards posted by Jeri Foley, LA judges, Sharon Doyle, GA judges, etc. Also an App is available. Sign up - they will send you a confirmation e-mail.  Type in gymnastics and then when the Gymnastics Study Sets comes up, click on "Classes".

NCAA Regional and National Sites and Dates:

2016 NCAA Regionals Hosts (April 2, 2016) Florida, Alabama, Utah, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota

2016 NCAA Nationals: Forth Worth, Texas

2017 NCAA Regionals Hosts: Washington, Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, West Virginia

2017 NCAA Nationals: St. Louis, MO

2018 NCAA Regionals Hosts: Alabama, Utah, N.C. State, Ohio State, Penn State, Minnesota

2018 NCAA Nationals: St. Louis, Mo.