Digital Judging

Digital Judging Research

Digital Judging Tips - Lee Bjella and LisaBoylan Region 2 NAWGJ Symposium Presentation June 2015

Jeri Foley - research on tablets and stylus's for Digital Judging

Instructions for how to use PDF's on the iPad with the Noteshelf App

Open one of these pdf's on your iPad, or email to your iPad. (You can also do the same with a Word document of your own creation.) Touch the document and then touch "Open In" and choose Noteshelf. If you are using a Word document, you will have to have a gmail account. Follow the commands to log into your gmail account and Noteshelf will open the document as a PDF.

Winnie Witten

June 2015 - Winnie's digital judging sheets in PDF form -click here

Winnie Witten Judging Sheets for iPad and instructions on how to do it! Her website goes into great detail on downloading files, sylus info, scoresheets! Thanks Winnie!!

Individual Score Sheets

All have been made extra wide to better fit the iPad. L. Bjella (June 2015) Two gymnasts per page.

Level 6 Bars
Level 7 Bars
Level 8 Bars
Level 9 Bars
Level 10 Bars
Level 6 Beam
Level 7 Beam
Level 8 Beam
Level 9 Beam
Level 10 Beam
Level 6 FX
Level 7 FX
Level 8 FX
Level 9 FX
Level 10 FX
College Bars (LB)